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Willie Moreno - 'No Me Llores Mas'
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Willie Moreno has always aspired to excite, move and entertain. As a teenager growing up in Hoboken he was always familiar figure at street corner jam sessions, or playing congas in the park on Saturday afternoons. Blessed with raw talent, an innate sense of rhythm, Willie Moreno had reputation in the neighborhood for being one of the flashiest drummers, as well as an impeccable dancer. While still in High School, Willie began playing professionally with Conjunto Constanza, a local band that was popular on the Salsa scene. His senior year of High School began venturing into New York with some friends that were able to sneak him into clubs such as the palladium, and the Corso. There Willie had the opportunity to see legendary artists such as Conjunto Classico, Willie Colón & Héctor Lavoe, and Tito Puente. Willie soon became a fixture at the Corso, and soon met Ray Castro and Ramón Rodríguez who encouraged him to sit in, and later introduced him to José Bello.

José Bello was a young Dominican singer signed to Lo Mejor Records, the label owned by Ray Castro. Bello's first single "Vaselina Pa' Mi Pelo" was a hit in the clubs, and then radio. Bello formed his own orchestra and Willie Moreno was recruited to play Bongos and sing "Coro" (background vocals.) With Bello, Willie Moreno had the opportunity to play all the top clubs in New York, and meet many legendary musicians from around the world. It was during this time that he met Papo Lucca of La Sonora Ponceña, and they became friends. This meeting would prove to be pivotal to his career. After learning about the circuit and paying dues with José Bello and others, Willie and his younger brother, Trombonist Nelson Moreno, decided to form their own orchestra, and thus was born Los Hermanos Moreno.

With their outstanding showmanship and enthusiasm, as well as swinging dance grooves, Los Hermanos Moreno soon became favorites among the dancers on the New Jersey/New York club scene. Soon they were offered the opportunity to record their first album with WG International Records. Willie called on pianist Papo Lucca to arrange for, and play on the album. Their first single "Sopa De Pichón" was a huge success on radio, Los Hermanos Moreno were on their way. After the success of "Sopa De Pichón", Los Hermanos Moreno signed with RMM Records and released the album "Para Alegrate La Vida" which contained the smash radio singles "Dale Jamón", and "Un Hombre Busca Una Mujer".

With Los Hermanos Moreno, Willie had the opportunity to travel the world appearing at such legendary venues as Madison Square Garden, La Feria de Calí, The Rubén Rodríguez Coliseum, The Hollywood Bowl, and the Aragón Ballroom in Chicago. But after 12 years, Willie decided he needed to go in a different direction, create something new. With his brother's blessing, and the support of family and friends, Willie set out to create a new orchestra where he could stretch musically.

"MORENO SOY" is the debut album by Willie Moreno y Su Orquesta. Produced by bassist/arranger Mike Rivera, the album combines infectious dance grooves with modern textures and catchy hooks that capture the imagination of the listener and dancer alike. The CD/album features original compositions written by the lead singers of the group, Greg Jiménez ("Valor Para Decir") and Angel Ríos ("Tarde Para Comenzar") as well as adaptations of classic Salsa songs such as "Nací Moreno" and "No Me Llores Mas". "Arráncame La Vida" is already proving to be a club favorite, as well as "Tantita Pena", and "A Quien Le Creo". Included in this CD is a medley of old favorites such as "Dale Jamón", "Quimbombo", "Sopa De Pichón", and "La Paila".

"MORENO SOY" truly reflects the energy, enthusiasm, and charisma that is Willie Moreno. Once again Willie Moreno y Su Orquesta promises to excite, move, and entertain.

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