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Dobble Fiilo - 'Llora Alma Mia'

The merengue group Dobble Fiilo did not happen by chance. It was a very well thought out plan with the idea of introducing the different genre of the exotic, tantalizing sounds of the cultural rhythms originating in the Dominican Republic but loved throughout the world. Although the group is New York based, their sounds demonstrate the quality and flavor of the exquisite sounds of merengue.

Dobble Fiilo's front members are three young, talented vocalists that despite their youth are seasoned veterans. Chano, Edward and Ernesto have proven their musical talents while they were members of other renowned bands. Chano as lead vocalist of the world famous ROKABANDA had international hits that made him one of the best-known singers among merengue lovers. Edward and Ernesto were also front members of the no less renowned band ORO SOLIDO.

Dobble Fiilo achieved great success with their very first production. They climbed the hit parade lists with such songs as "Arrolladora", "Como fui a Enamorarme de Ti" and "Latinos Calientes." They became merengues' new sensation. For two consecutive years, Dobble Fiilo won the prestigious "ACE" award for the "Most Popular Band". Everywhere they perform, they win thousands of faithful fans. The group phenomenon is that they have been able to keep performing regularly in the club circuit across the country and at many outdoor festivals without the backing of a record label.

The group just finished recording their debut production with PRESTIGIO RECORDINGS. The songs on this album consist of five original songs as well as merengue versions of such hits as "El Ültimo Adios" by Paulina Rubio, "Llora Alma Mia" by Yoskar Sarante and the classic "Maria Cristina" by Conjunto Quisqueya. Henty Jimenez and Edwin Acosta made the musical arrangements with contributions from the group members in writing, arranging and conceptual ideas.

The group is very happy to be signed to an independent label such as Prestigio Recordings because they know they will get the support they need in order to break into the national and international scene. There is no doubt this production will be a complete success, for their fans are patiently awaiting for it.

Dobble Fiilo is a group that does not only motivate their listeners to move their feet and dance; they also entertain with their superb stage show. This group is not just a great band to dance to, but also a band that makes you laugh, relax, and have a great time.

Indeed, Dobble Fiilo is a young, talented group that is the best ambassador of the flavorful and colorful music known as merengue. Just as ther name insinuates, these young men of Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage are really a double edge weapon of talent, good looks, and charisma.

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1. Llora Alma Mia   (size is 999KB)
2. Turi Ruri Ruriru (Now Playing)
3. Mas Que Tu Amigo (size is 920KB)

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