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CuJazz is quickly becoming the hottest new band in the Latin Jazz field. Known for their fresh approach to Latin Jazz, the group merges many different musical genres, from Cuban rhythms, Rock and Classical, to Rhythm & Blues. They perform many original compositions, but what surprises the audience most is how they take a Latin Standard or a "Bolero" and give it a new and exciting feel. The group sings in both Spanish and English. They easily perform a Latin Ballad or a driving Broadway show tune.

The members of CuJazz have traveled the world over performing at the most prestigious theatrical venues, from the Chatelet in Paris and the Opera House in Cologne, to Lincoln Center in New York City.

CuJazz recent performances: ABC-TV (Eyewitness News), ENSALADA (CABLEVISION), Live On Stage (CABLEVISION), Union City Summer Concert (with "Aventura" and "CuCo Valoy" at Roosevelt Stadium), El Desfile Cubano de New Jersey, UC Theatre Festival in the Park, Jazz Concert at Doric Park, Havana on the Hudson Expo Festival, CuJazz in Concert at Ellsworth Park, Union City Day with the Metro Stars (at Roosevelt Stadium), Dominican Parade, Schuetzen Park, and Havana Bay Coffee.

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