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Tito Nieves - I'll Always Love You

'Muy Agradecido' is the title of Tito Nieves' latest album. And that's exactly how he feels, "Deeply Grateful”, with his record company Warner Music Latina and everyone that contributed to this production, artists, musicians, authors, technicians, etc., the people that have been by his side in each recording, live presentations, tours, on stage, in the studios and out there... To thank everyone that has been along side his career, which has been more than 27 years.

Tito Nieves wanted to do something different and special with this production, including the participation of other top-notch artist and a variety of rhythms, which include five salsas, two boleros and one cumbia. "Muy Agradecido" has been produced by Sergio George with George Zamora's executive co-production and recorded in New York, Miami, Puerto Rico and Colombia.

The first single "La Salsa Vive" was written by Jorge Luis Piloto, and includes “soneos” of great salsa artist: Cheo Feliciano, Ismael Miranda, Gilberto Santa Rosa and Celia Cruz. Tito always wanted to sing with Olga Tañon and now with the ballad "Y Vivire" (by Alfredo Matheus and Barbara Larrinaga) he accomplished this dream. This is not the first time Tito Nieves sings love songs. The ones recorded in this album are very strong, with deep lyrics, just the way he likes them. He wants people to have fun, to dance, to listen to his music and lyrics. This is highly important for an artist known as an interpreter of love songs, “the Pavarotti of Salsa”.

The other ballad "Te Vas" (by Guadalupe Garcia Garcia and Raul del Sol) has been recorded in a salsa version and produced by Ramon Sanchez, as well as “Dime que si”. He adds a magic touch to impress Mexico by inviting the group Pesado with a duet "El Caramelo" by Diego Javier Gonzalez. This is also the first time Tito includes cumbias, "Ma' Pa' lante Vive Gente" (by Jose Jimenez and Sergio George) and "No puedo" (by Ramon Rodriguez and Sergio George) have been recorded in Colombian studios with the participation and arrangements of the famous musician Diego Gale, who is also the co producer. These and many other original elements turn "Muy Agradecido" into a record that makes history.

It is in his beloved Puerto Rico where Tito gives the most number of performances, as he was born in Rio Piedras, and as a one year old he was taken to New York. His father played guitar with several trios and his uncle is the well-known musician Miguel Angel Amadeo, stimulating him to take up guitar, bass and percussion.

At the early age of 15, his career started singing with Orquesta Cimarron as the front man for two years. Between 1977 and 1978 he began singing in the orchestra of the great Hector Lavoe. In 1979, he was offered the opportunity to record for the first time, as a lead singer with the group Taibori. Eventually, this would lead Tito to form the legendary group Conjunto Clasico, this orchestra quickly became an important influence in the afro-Caribbean music world. However, in 1986, Tito decided to expand his horizons and began his own solo career.

Since going solo, Tito became a legend in the world of salsa and setting place for what is known today as the "New York Sound". Never has there been another artist like Tito Nieves whose blend of salsa style, rhythm and blues, Caribbean folklore and pop quickly became a favorite of music lovers all around the world. Tito began to record English tunes with a salsa twist. Hits such as "I'll Always Love You", "Can You Stop the Rain" and "You Bring Me Joy" became as popular as the Spanish hit "De mi enamorate", "Te amo" and "Almohada". With Spanish and English hits, Tito created a larger audience within the mainstream market.

Tito's most popular hit, "I Like It Like That", brought him international fame as he appeared in the Alma Awards with Stevie Wonder and along the soundtrack of the movie. The hit was so popular that Burger King launched a campaign around the song. And was also heard in all NBA games and Major League Baseball fields throughout the United States.

In the year 2000, Tito signed a new recording contract with Warner Music Latina and released his first album entitled "En otra onda". The first single "Un amor asi" hit the Top 10 on the Billboard Charts. Immediately following came another major hit song "Como llego a tu amor" featuring the legendary Ruben Blades. The album won his first Grammy nomination, as well as being the first tropical latin touring the Cayman Islands, after hitting the top rankings of Vive-FM. He also strengthened liaisons with foreign markets as Colombia and Venezuela.

This new production “Muy Agradecido” represents once more Tito’s large contribution to tropical music and proves him a musical icon in the world of salsa. Tito’s blend of salsa styles, rhythm and blues, Caribbean folklore and pop brings his public and fans once again a great and original high quality product.

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